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ALVARADO – Deborah Davis Moses, 59, a loving wife, beloved mother and grandmother passed away Sunday April 26, 2009, at home surrounded by her loved ones.

MEMORIALS: In lieu of usual remembrances, contributions in memory of Deborah Moses may be directed to the Fort Worth Women’s Center, 1723 Hemphill, Ft Worth, TX 76110.

Born in Fort Worth on July 13, 1949 to Betty and David Davis. Grew up in Fort Worth living most of her adult life in Alvarado, TX. Graduating from Eastern Hills High School in 1967 but continued her quest for learning by graduating in 1995 from the University of Texas at Arlington. With unshakeable confidence was successful in everything she did in life and business. She was an avid photographer and loved gardening and animals. She lifted spirits and left a gentle mark in the lives of those who knew her. She will be deeply missed by all of her family and friends. We love you Mom.

SURVIVORS: Husband Andy Moses; daughter, Melonie Wallace Edwards, sons, Cole
and Brandon Wallace and step-daughter Carrie Moses. She left many special memories with
her granddaughters Emily and Cameron Edwards and her eleven nieces and nephews.

Go with God.

" One More Day "

One more sunrise.
One more sunset.
One more hour.
One more moment.
One more chance to pray,
for 'One More Day'.

Dear Lord there is so much to be done
So can You give me one more day.
I have things to be finished, and
A loved one has so much to say.

Please wait until I am ready,
Just allow me a little more time,
I don't need so very, very much
Only one more day would be fine.

I tried to live my life
To be honest, open and true,
Never to take advantage,
But to live as You'd want me to.

The pain I went thru,
At times was so great,
But so many times this year
I d say, You'd have to wait.

Thinking about my life, as
I know my time is growing near.
It is my family and friends
That I hold so close and dear.

Thank you Lord for letting me
Visit You from the heart
And I know, as it should be,
That in Heaven I will be a part.

Yes, I have done all I could hope,
And I lived as best as I could do.
So yesterday was my "one more day",
But I guess You already knew.



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